Crypto Portfolio Analysis

Aggregation, Performance & Risk For Crypto Investors

CoinFront tracks all the investments you have done - so you no longer need to move from account to account to get updates. And with our multi-platform access, it's easier than ever to stay informed on your portfolio.


CoinFront syncs with exchanges and wallets to pull all your position in one place. You can monitor and analyze your entire portfolio with real-time data.


CoinFront tracks transactions instead of balances, so that your historical performance can be accurately revealed, plus professional measures such as time-weighted returns, Sharpe ratios and benchmarks.


Portfolio managers can raise funds and manage portfolios through Get holistic view of your portfolio risks through exposure, correlation and volatility; create customized price alerts; set up portfolio-level trading limits.

  • Holdings

    Get holistic view of each account's performance, in the same currency.


    Group positions from multiple accounts to track the consolidate performance of each asset.

  • API Integration

    Assign exchange API keys to keep transactions in sync.

    CSV Importing

    Batch import transactions by loading the csv files from exchanges.

  • Performance Charts

    Professional charts showing portfolio values, cumulative returns, gains andlosses, maximum drawdowns and more.

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